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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Women on The Tonight Show

Sometimes, the best bits of cultural relevancyend up appearing in places where you would never expect to find them:

There's an interesting point to which she refused to appear on the Johnny Carson show because of how women were portrayed on his show. Ride explained to NASA that she wasn't interested, then took off for California to lie low. She didn't explain herself; she just acted.

Women were treated horribly on the Tonight Show; if you were beautiful or old enough to be Johnny Carson's grandmother, you could expect to get on. And even when you did get on, there would be no chance for anything reasonable or enlightened to happen.

The fact that Sally Ride turned down Carson is significant because she was part of a very vocal minority that complained about how women were depicted and treated on the show.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The BBC Has a Jeremy Clarkson Problem

Somebody did somebody wrong at the BBC:

With Clarkson being an already heavily contentious media personality in the U.K. following remarks over the past few years that have been deemed racist and xenophobic, the news has made headlines nationwide, sparking widespread debate over his future and that of the show, which airs in more than 100 countries and brings in some $220 million for BBC Worldwide.

Within minutes, an online petition calling for the BBC to “Bring Back Clarkson,” was posted online. It has been signed by more than 250,000 people as of Wednesday morning London time.

On announcing the suspension, the BBC also confirmed that the episode of Top Gear due to air this Sunday would not be broadcast. A spokesperson has now confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the following episode, the penultimate one of the current season, has also been canceled, while they haven't yet decided on the final installment. "It's a moving situation," they said.

If you were of the opinion that Clarkson is an out of control asshole who brings in hundreds of millions of dollars for his employer, you'd probably have a lot of soul mates at the BBC. They are caught between the liability this man brings to their venerable business and the profits generated by a show that, quite frankly, could be successful if the right person were to appear.

Why not do it with Jason Statham or Clive Owen? Why not give Liam Gallagher a call? Hell, you could do it with Bez and no one would notice.

On second though, yeah. They would notice. Clarkson is almost irreplaceable, giving him a lot of power. He'll come out the other side of this with offers if they fire him.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everyone Should Know the Story of Walter White

I don't pretend to understand how we are still governed by the Puritans. They were, after all, noted for their hatred of Christmas celebrations and their inability to dance.

You see, the Puritans are still running things. They have an undue amount of influence in our society. All it takes is for some mother somewhere to get upset and use the Internet and, voila, we are rolling on down a barely-there country road in New England and the horse is hacking up a lung and the disapproval of the locals is upon us. Whatever our sins, we are wrong, and the Puritans are there to remind us that fun is for sinners and sinners burn forever in Hell.

They have, for the most part, died out. But your moms is still outraged and, when she sees something she doesn't like, it tends to go viral immediately because self-important outrage is the gasoline that runs the Internet. And that's why Facebook is the Devil.

What did you win, lady? You got some toys off of the shelf. What you won was this--you made us think about Breaking Bad and you made people go tsk tsk. That's about it. You did no harm to the culture but you did make a laughingstock out of the idea that people should maybe explain why drugs are bad to their kids. An action figure is a great conversation starter. Oh, you want to talk about Heisenberg? Well, let's put in Season Four and have a look.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that, if you don't want your dumb kids on drugs, you should show them Breaking Bad. You should acknowledge the show and the central theme it presents and you should make your dopey offspring watch it. You should introduce them to the idea that, yeah, you can do drugs and things will be fine, but if you're not careful, you'll end up like Jesse's girlfriends.

Breaking Bad should be shown in every school in America. We ought to be teaching this to our kids. We ought to use the action figures as props so we can discuss what matters. Does a barrel full of cash matter more than your family? Why not? Does selling drugs make you rich? Why does the decision to "break bad" look foolhardy and how did the show teach us that lesson? Set against the history of America after twenty years of fighting a war on drugs and the collapse of health care insurance  benefits for teachers and the desperation felt by people living in poverty, well. It's the Great American Novel, as told in blocks of TV episodes.

Someone got some phony outrage to play out in the lazy media and we're arguing about some toys? Those overpriced television show tie-in toys that feature characters that will never come out of the box and will end up in that douche's cubicle over there? Really?

As a famous philosopher said, drugs are bad, mmmkay? and Walter White is an essential American character who will end up being part of the academic history of our literature. Instead of Cotton Mather, your idiot kid and his dumb little buddies should go as Heisenberg for Halloween (good luck banning that, Principal Dumbass). They should get out their Gus Fring impression and go to town. Me, personally, I'm more of a Hank but I want to be Mike. You should be Ted Benecke or Tuco, just so everyone can praise you for your taste. Your son is Jesse because Jesse is not Junior. Your daughter can be Skyler but the old hag who pushes an ATM onto her husband is also a good choice. No television show has ever made prostitution look as unsexy as Breaking Bad. Nobody ever took the Fedora and did with it what Frank Sinatra could not. And nobody gets to be Don Eladio, friend.

Remember Hillbilly Teeth? All you need are meth teeth for the kiddos and then you've got something. The Puritans had terrible teeth. They pulled them out with pliers made out of something found under the bed in a kinky room behind the bad whorehouse outside of town. They made a fetish out of misery, and they lived their lives like the Palins but with fewer snowmobiles.

Seriously, are we that shriveled up and dead as a country? We're talking about toys and we're not talking about the failure of the War on Drugs as it relates to the destruction of at least a million lives if not more? Really?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

America Wants Nothing to Do With These Boobs

And, just so we're clear--I'm not talking about the ladies.

What you see above was the incredibly sexist marketing photo designed to get people excited about half-baked opinions and crosstalk. It accomplished nothing. Jon Stewart was right then and he's even more correct now--no one is well served by having a show this monstrous on the air.

Crossfire was a tremendous failure and a reeking pile of disastrous programming decisions. CNN decided that America needed to see Newt Gingrich on the televisions every day or whenever it aired and that was just too much for the people.

How does Gingrich continue? Easy, by showing up somewhere and holding out his hand, there will always be a ready-made bunch of suckers willing to pay him for his Friedman-esque nonsense. Hell, there are alternative history buffs who lose their mud when he's within fifty feet of a lectern and a dollar bill.

What a tragic waste of human endeavor television news is these days.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CREW Makes a Move Against Fox News

CREW has the right idea here. By going after the FCC licenses, they will keep this story alive in the United States. There is a criminal aspect to what News Corp was doing and it should be investigated and prosecuted in the United States. Hounding Rupert Murdoch is something everyone should welcome. He used his enormous power against people for decades. Now we're seeing some measure of payback.

The problem is, there is no FCC. It is a paralyzed, toothless agency. It cannot move swiftly against anyone or anything, unless they accidentally expose their boobs on network television.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Will the Police Brutality Wake Up a Sleeping Nation?

At some point, enough people will wake up to the fact that their right to protest is gone. We have a little more than eleven months until election day, 2012. Is that the day when the people will take back their country? Take it back from whom? I don't know, either.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Long, Elisabetta Canalis

In what must be a symbol of major distress to beautiful, rich, and famous people everywhere, Elisabetta Canalis has been dumped from "Dancing With the Stars."

Normally, I'd say, "I didn't see that coming," but the truth is, I don't pay attention to the actual shows themselves. I am inundated with the stories that run on the press wires. The fodder these shows generate is well in excess of their actual importance. They do get high ratings, however, so I can see why these stories run so frequently. They seem to be ginned up with phony outrage and fake feuds that aren't there.

Canalis is famous for being dumped by a rapidly aging American film actor named George Clooney. She is, or was, a model in Europe and has now been fired from an American television program that features a kind of reality television format. That's right--fired. Let go. Cut loose.

If Elisabetta Canalis can't find work in this country, what does that say about our economy? And how sad is it that this is what passes for entertainment and a relief from the day to day grind? Watching people dance, badly in many cases, is now the opiate of the masses. Nothing is more disposable than a show like this. How are you going to run this again when the eventual winner is crowned? The show itself isn't worth archiving let alone worth purchasing as a complete season. I've never seen the point in running so many cheap reality shows. But, then again, maybe there's no money to be made in syndication or reruns, either.

I also wonder what this does to confidence level of women in general. Do they see her defeat, so early in the season, as proof that the pretty girl doesn't win in the end?
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