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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

America Wants Nothing to Do With These Boobs

And, just so we're clear--I'm not talking about the ladies.

What you see above was the incredibly sexist marketing photo designed to get people excited about half-baked opinions and crosstalk. It accomplished nothing. Jon Stewart was right then and he's even more correct now--no one is well served by having a show this monstrous on the air.

Crossfire was a tremendous failure and a reeking pile of disastrous programming decisions. CNN decided that America needed to see Newt Gingrich on the televisions every day or whenever it aired and that was just too much for the people.

How does Gingrich continue? Easy, by showing up somewhere and holding out his hand, there will always be a ready-made bunch of suckers willing to pay him for his Friedman-esque nonsense. Hell, there are alternative history buffs who lose their mud when he's within fifty feet of a lectern and a dollar bill.

What a tragic waste of human endeavor television news is these days.