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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food Stamps and the Debacle of Modern Economics

This sort of thing should get people motivated to do something about our economy, but it doesn't.

If you don't get people working, you won't get the number of people using foodstamps to go down. And the economic benefits of getting people back to work are staggering--more money to support state and local governments, more money paid into the system through sales taxes, and more people contributing to the economy in positive ways. This should be the number one goal of government.

Instead, we have lethargy and obstructionism. It's ridiculous. How anyone could vote Republican is beyond me.

The Obama Administration is the only hope for recovery. The Republicans want to throw people to the wolves.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't Mess With the Sugar Industry in Florida

The chart that you see above shows that the Florida sugar industry is thriving; in terms of agricultural success stories, this is either a public health disaster or an example of thriving on the turbulence of the markets. Take your pick.

I mention this because it would appear that the Republican Party in Florida has decided to go after the sugar industry indirectly. Banning poor people from eating refined sugar is akin to banning beer in Munich:

Has the sugar industry down in Florida stopped giving money to Republicans? No way this bill gets passed. No way does it survive for very long. Anything that hurts the sugar growers, either directly or indirectly, results in the targeting of anyone who votes for it. I find it hard to believe that this woman who sponsored the bill would get re-elected or survive the onslaught of the sugar industry. It just sounds like a crazy piece of legislation for the craziest state in the Union, bar non.

Granted, it achieves one of the things Republicans love to achieve--the ritual humiliation and denigration of anyone who accepts public assistance. Republicans hate poor people now, and cutting them off from sugar in the name of "nutrition" and "education" is ludicrous.

If they were really concerned about those things, they wouldn't be giving them a pittance of a benefit for buying food in the first place. Families regularly go hungry til the first of the month; how does cutting them off from sugar achieve anything? Kids can't have a treat now?

I mean, really. Does the Republican Party want to make sure that a kid can't have a cup of Jello now?
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Shut Up About Your Unpicked Pickles

Oh, cry me a river:

How much do you want to bet that Mr. Jerry Danforth will go right back to voting for Republicans? Because that's what people in Alabama do--they consistently vote against their own economic self-interest and give the Republican Party a pass on all of the anti-business and anti-common sense things that they do.

The problem is, people are too busy screaming about "the law" and "what part of illegal don't you understand" so there's no point in discussing this issue. Millions of dollars in produce are going to rot in the fields, driving up the prices. Next season, expect even higher prices and more profits for these farmers, who will cut down what they plant and hedge their bets.

The people who will suffer are the ones who should be eating healthier foods. America's refined sugar and enriched flour interests win again.