Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Insider Trading Right Out in the Open

When it comes to our current political and economic climate, the insider trading is pretty easy to spot:

Eastman Kodak Company KODK 377.9% shares skyrocketed 222% on Tuesday after the company announced it's pivoting to drug ingredient development and announced a large government loan.
Benzinga's PreMarket Prep co-host Dennis Dick said on Tuesday morning’s show that he noticed some suspicious trading activity in both the Kodak stock and options market on Monday ahead of the news.
“All I want to know is who got the memo yesterday? Look at the pop on this thing yesterday ahead of the news. That’s a big candle. That’s the biggest up move it’s had in two months,” Dick said.
I guess someone has to clean up. There are no honest ways of making a living anymore.

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