Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Ban the Use of Rubber Bullets

Halsey is one of many artists that are looking for a way to formally begin the process of banning the use of rubber bullets:
Kacey Musgraves and singer-songwriter Victoria Monét are among a host of artists who have called on the police in the US to ban the use of rubber bullets.
Halsey revealed she was among a number of people who have been hit by rubber bullets during recent peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd.
“[The police] fired rubber bullets at us. We did not breach the line. Hands were up. Unmoving. And they gassed and fired,” Halsey posted recently with photos of the altercation.
“This hit me through layers of fabric and for that, I am extremely privileged. At close range it would have caused serious injury.”
There's a way to skirt this issue and claim that the use of rubber bullets and pepper spray and those pepper balls fired out of paintball guns is actually the humanitarian application of advanced crowd control techniques. That's all bullshit. A device fired at people that can cripple or maim them is just as bad as shooting them with bullets if it is done without any regard for public safety. You have people who have lost an eye or have been severely injured by these things. I support banning their use outright.

Crowd control is necessary because of what? In order to suppress the will of the people who have decided to protest? Why is there a need for it in the first place when all it does is put the police in a position to abuse their power? There used to be widespread use of dogs and water cannons as well. The military has these vehicle-mounted devices that emit painful sound waves. When aimed at demonstrators, they can cause severe injury to hundreds of people at once.

This is all you need to know about the Active Denial System, and when you do read about it, try not to panic if you can imagine what Trump would do with it if he knew it was available for his own personal use.

None of this is humane and none of it should be used.

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