Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Experts Weigh In

Well, do I base all of my decisions on what Megan McArdle thinks or do I adopt Nate Silver's tone of mighty overcorrection and go down with guns blazing?

Listen, the mustard man is on to something here. We should listen to epidemiologists, but perhaps not the ones that are afraid to speak up in case Trump fires them.

Never in American history--and I don't use this comparison lightly--have we been less prepared for a disaster and more inundated with the foolhardy opinions of wankers than we are right now. People who have zero experience, training, or credentials are writing opinion pieces seen by millions without any regard for the harm or disinformation they are spreading.

The coronavirus sure is dangerous, but what's more of a threat are the hacks and weasels who think they understand it better than the experts.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Economic Anxiety

There are so many things wrong with this picture. It was taken during the "protest" at the Michigan State Capitol on April 30, 2020. The domestic terrorism at work here really doesn't hit home until you realize that the jackass with the mohawk and the strapped assault rifle decided to wear his perfectly tricked out Load Bearing Vest assembly with a role of black tape affixed with a carabiner.

Really, who goes on a domestic terrorism operation with a role of electrical tape? Was he prepared to use it to hotwire his way into the computer vaults and server rooms of the capitol? Was he going to pull wires out of the wall and rearrange them and seal them up nicely with that roll on his left side?

These types love to affix patches and doo dads and bullshit to their "body armor." I know we're supposed to think that they are tough guys and frosty veterans and a hundred percent committed to the glory of Don't Tread on Me America but, come on. They're just ambulatory toddlers, and they went to a tactical gear store and dropped hundreds of dollars in order to feel good about themselves. You couldn't pay me to own or wear that shit. It's ridiculous.

The "economic anxiety" of these people is laughable. They have money for Ranger cosplay but they don't have money for car payments and can't feed the kids they had with their baby mama? They can go out in public looking like something out of a Hollywood story featuring mercenaries who are there to Fuck You Up but they can't be bothered to actually serve in the military?

Trump has unleashed holy hell in this country. Putting it back together is going to take a good long while. And these people are going to have to be sorted into the deplorable bin.