Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Empowerment Plan

This is exactly the kind of story I needed to read today. It's about solving a problem with creativity, planning, and hard work:
In the shadows of Detroit's tallest skyscrapers, dozens of homeless people shiver in the 17-degree cold. 
Ferocious wind gusts of 15 mph feel like cold knives stabbing the face.
Such conditions claim the lives of countless homeless people every winter -- especially those without warm coats. 
Now, a nonprofit aimed at solving that problem has accidentally led to one of the most successful homeless employment programs as the country's homeless crisis keeps growing.
"This is so much bigger than anything I could have imagined," said Veronika Scott, the 30-year-old CEO and founder of the Empowerment Plan.
The plan hires homeless people and teaches them how to make coats for the destitute suffering on the streets.
Problems are getting solved in every corner of this country and it has nothing to do with the government or the private sector. It's about letting people figure out what they need and putting Americans back to work making things.

When Americans are making things, we all do better.