Monday, July 14, 2014

Whitewashed History

I have never visited a Presidential library, but I've had numerous chances to do so. To me, they are not destinations nor are they worthy of a visit due to the propaganda referenced in this article. I agree with some of it, but I do take exception to the idea that this is shocking or otherwise. It's not.

The mere existence of a Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library speaks volumes to how ridiculous it would be to "celebrate" his legacy. He tarnished his legacy and remains a disgraced and horrible figure in American history. His own library has to draw out the releases of embarrassing audio tapes and transcripts of conversations that demonstrate him to be a craven and power-hungry man.

However, you can find examples of the same behavior in virtually all of the other administrations that have gone before but not really since. The libraries that exist now are tourist traps that whitewash the "Nixonian" stain from history.

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