Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unethical Practices From the Travel Channel

In order to raise revenue and defraud their readers, the Travel Channel's website features this neat little item.

When you follow a link from an affiliate, you end up on the Travel Channel website. The "video" above promises a beautiful woman will "frolic" before your eyes and thus give you a softcore porn fix.

The problem is, when you click on the video to make it work (ha! how did I get this far? well, uh...there's something shiny over there! look!), it takes you to an ad for going RV'ing. At least, that's why I get here overseas. You might get a different ad or result when you click on the video in the continental United States. All I know is, when I followed the link from an affiliate, I ended up looking at a pop-up ad. And that's clearly a dastardly crime of unexpectedly evil proportions. Or no big deal. Take your pick.

This is the sort of thing websites do to survive now. They bait and switch, lie and deceive, and risk losing their credibility. It would be nice if Google would downgrade to a zero rating and stop sending them traffic in exchange for this unethical little turd. But, that would be shrill, wouldn't it?

Well played, Travel Channel. Well played, indeed.

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