Monday, April 2, 2012

The Obama Administration is Actually Enforcing the Law

I want to highlight a few things here.

First, the immigrants who have been rounded up and detained are not all of Hispanic origin. This is clear from the article. And it is clear that the Obama Administration is not in the business of targeting Hispanics for harassment and illegal detention.

Second, this was the "biggest ever" roundup, meaning that the Obama Administration has done a better job of enforcing America's immigration laws than the Bush Administration ever did. Apparently, the Bush Administration couldn't find this many criminals to sweep up and detain. File that under the things that make you go "hmm."

Third, these were violent and dangerous criminals who were taken off the streets of America, meaning that the Obama Administration is doing a better job of keeping Americans safe than the Bush Administration.

Think you'll get that from the wingnuts and the mouth-breathers who talk about birth certificates and a gun treaty with the United Nations?


Now, let's be frank about this. I am not always happy with the way my government goes about enforcing the law and dealing with the law. But this is an election year, and the Obama Administration is clearly doing all that it can to protect Americans.

At least it is doing more than the Bush Administration ever did.

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