Friday, November 25, 2011

At Some Point, People Will Stop Caring About This Stuff

Bear in mind, this is just stuff.

People need stuff. They need comfort and they need consumer goods. But they are now realizing that this stuff is drying up. The money isn't there anymore. The goods aren't as necessary anymore. People are going to turn on this kind of thinking and figure out something else.

It won't be an austerity kick or a threadbare sort of vogue. People will realize that they just need less stuff. Information wakes people up, almost intrinsically. You can do more with less. You can have a comfortable, joyful life. You just need to do it without as much money and with less crap. Everyone can get there. Hopefully, someone will show the way.

What empowers the 1% is the fact that they have spent the last few hundred years figuring out how to tame and placate the populace. That opiate for the masses? It isn't religion anymore. It's stuff.

What broke about five years ago was the mechanism through which the 1% would stop absorbing wealth and allow some of that comfort and that "stuff" to filter back down to the masses to keep them fat, dumb and happy. The mechanism snapped, breaking itself into a multi-trillion dollar loss that no one knows how to adequately explain. Well, I know--your home value, your 401K, and all the raises you're not getting--that's where those trillions went.

I don't condemn these people for fighting over stuff. Everyone needs to get just a little bit of it. We're talking about a basic human need. But when people get smart and start doing more with less, the 1% will have a little less leverage. That is the price of breaking the mechanism.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stay on Your Well Manicured Lawn

College: Obama effigy burning 'not intentionally racist'
A Conservative party college student association in Britain will send a written apology to Barack Obama after its members burned an effigy of the U.S. president.

It may not have been racist but it certainly sent a message. Burning the US President in effigy is all well and good, but writing a letter of apology smacks of being asinine. Who cares what a group of college students at Andrews University have to say about an American president? These are the same "elites" that are screwing up Great Britain and these are the same pampered and ridiculous kids who will go on to do monstrous things to the working classes. Their opinions are irrelevant, their apology is conjured and phony, and their futures mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. 

And, what's more, things are so bad in Great Britain right now, Scotland and Wales should think seriously about independence; and Northern Ireland would be better off reuniting with the Irish.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Will the Police Brutality Wake Up a Sleeping Nation?

At some point, enough people will wake up to the fact that their right to protest is gone. We have a little more than eleven months until election day, 2012. Is that the day when the people will take back their country? Take it back from whom? I don't know, either.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Now We Can Help Homeless People As Well, Right?

If successful, this is how the authorities will begin to dismantle and disrupt the Occupy movement--by claiming that there are sanitary reasons for taking down any encampment in a public place.

When they're done, I'm sure they'll help out the folks living under bridges and underpasses all over the country.

We simply cannot allow any human being to live in filthy, unsanitary conditions, right?

It's nice to know that people care.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Shut Up About Your Unpicked Pickles

Oh, cry me a river:

How much do you want to bet that Mr. Jerry Danforth will go right back to voting for Republicans? Because that's what people in Alabama do--they consistently vote against their own economic self-interest and give the Republican Party a pass on all of the anti-business and anti-common sense things that they do.

The problem is, people are too busy screaming about "the law" and "what part of illegal don't you understand" so there's no point in discussing this issue. Millions of dollars in produce are going to rot in the fields, driving up the prices. Next season, expect even higher prices and more profits for these farmers, who will cut down what they plant and hedge their bets.

The people who will suffer are the ones who should be eating healthier foods. America's refined sugar and enriched flour interests win again.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Austerity or Good Government

The only thing that "austerity" does for the world economy is "more of the same." We need to encourage spending in order to kickstart growth and get people working again. The same is true no matter where you live--if your government is paralyzed with austerity programs, you won't see any growth. If people are incentivized to risk and spend money and enter into agreements that are based on getting positive economic behavior to flourish, then we might have a chance.

Irrational, wasteful spending is the problem. There used to be a thing called good government. You know, where the government actually does what it is supposed to do in order to right the ship and get people working again. But what is irrational and wasteful to some legislators is actually corruption, fraud, and unnecessary military spending in the eyes of others, and they aim to keep it that way. Our global governing elites love spending money. The problem is, they're spending money to enrich themselves, their clientele, and they're doing it by stealing everything that isn't nailed down.

Crony capitalism begets revolution in three, two, one...

Friday, November 11, 2011

MF Global Holdings Terminates Everyone

I think it's a fairly safe bet that a lot of those people were prepared for this to happen. I don't think it was quite the "aftershock" that they are making it out to be here. When the whole rotten edifice collapsed at the end of October, John Corzine was the one holding the bag.

It is highly likely that he will be the face of this collapse, but was he the person with the sole responsibility for what happened? Probably not. I do not think he's going to walk away from this and go back into politics any time soon.

The end result is that a lot of people are thrown out of work. How do you muster up feelings of sympathy for people who worked for a firm that basically placed bets on what was going to go seriously right or wrong for various economic systems around the world? How do you feel anything for an employee of a brokerage firm that played a small part in helping to further wreck the economy of the world by placing bets on whether or not this bank or this country would get a bailout?

I suppose there were people at the bottom of the spectrum from Corzine who were not involved in the crapshoot. Feeling sorry for those people is admirable. I still don't know how to muster up that kind of sympathy, but I'll try.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Now That is the Face of Distress

Oh, she should go down to that Mall of America because my friend Ardys and her husband Arlyn says that the cops have chased out all the rowdy kids so they could put in a buffet on the main level and it fills up by noon with the mall walkers and all that, don't you know.

I'm sorry, but the fact that Kim Kardashian has been to my home state more times than I have in the last decade is not so much troubling as it is weird. The super fabulous and super famous have problems just like the rest of us. How do they keep the locals from bothering her? Do they carry tarps around to shield her from the people at Sirloin Stockade?

Whoops, wrong blog.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

These Are the People Who Are Not Creating All of Those Jobs

I'm sure that some of these tax cheats are creating jobs. But where? Are they jobs that pay well? Are they exploiting their employees as well? How does Mattel end up not paying taxes on the plastic crap they sell that is made overseas? I don't get that at all.

When tax cuts were sold to the American people, over and over again, they were sold, at least in my lifetime, with the promise and understanding that jobs and wonderful things would "trickle down" to the lowly working masses. Well, the lowly working masses can't find jobs but the multi-billion dollar companies that enjoy a world where they pay no taxes keep finding ways to not hire anybody or pay them a decent wage. That is what is wrong with America right now. The social contract has been shattered and driven over and set on fire and flushed down a gold-plated toilet in the Executive washroom.

Anyway, this is just how distressed our kind gentlefolk are right now. They're being called on their cheating and they just don't like it. Right about now, a bell is going to ring and people are going to start making demands of their government. Will their government listen?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Does Corzine Sound Like a Crook?

While shocking, this story fails to put the lede in the right place. Former Governor of New Jersey John Corzine has not been accused of wrongdoing. Customer funds have been misallocated. And there is no allegation, at this time, of wrongdoing. The article does make it look like Corzine is a crook, however, and that's why the whole thing sounds pretty fishy right now.

So what's really happening here?

Our moneyed elites can't run anything and the complexities of modern finance are too much for a class of people that has skated for decades on good looks, connections, and buying the answers to tests. Is Corzine a symbol of incompetence, greed, or laziness? Or does he just have trouble finding good help?

Feel Sorry For the Poor Supermodel

Rarely do you get to see an example of someone so young and beautiful being completely out of touch with reality. Living in Europe, as she does, and having access to advisors and mentors, she should have known that her past association with the Libyan regime, no matter how innocent, was going to be a liability for her. She should have kept quiet about what she thought because her job--being in the marketplace and possessing the ability to sell things with her image--is based in part on whether she can handle being asked about her past associations.

Hessler is entitled to her opinion, of course, but she is not entitled to her modeling job. That's all she seems to have lost so far since the now-defunct Libyan regime has been all but destroyed. But here's the really interesting part. If asked, by an international court, how much Mutassim Qaddafi spent on her and whether he gave her anything of value, what should she say? Should she profess her undying love for a criminal regime and subject herself to further humiliation and the possibility of having to repay the people of Libya for whatever Mutassim gave her?

That opens up a larger question. Can the celebrities who fawned over, accepted payment from, and legitimized some of the most reprehensible regimes on Earth face any kind of sanction for doing so? If so, then consider Hessler a case study in saying too much.