Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Does This Sound Like Justice?

Nothing I'm reading here sounds like justice. It sounds like economic displacement and xenophobia.

Ideally, yes you'd want people to come here legally and make a life for themselves. These people couldn't do that. But they were still able to get trailers, put their kids in schools, find work, pay taxes, and live in these communities. In many cases, Hispanic workers in the deepest parts of the South outwork everyone around them and live happy, productive lives with sound family values.

Hispanic families are stronger than other families because they find a way to live their lives according to basic rules that I certainly find appealing. They are honest, trustworthy, and do things that are very admirable. They take care of the elderly members of their family, their extended family structure means more children have more positive role models, and their way of life is centered around celebrating their family relationships and, basically, staying out of the way of everyone else.

I'm generalizing, and I'm stereotyping, but I get sick of all the negative stuff that I read and hear. If you look at that trailer, and consider it the best chance those kids playing soccer had in this world, and then you read about how their terrified parents basically had to give away everything they own for nothing and flee the state of Alabama in the dead of night, praying that a Johnny Law wouldn't stop them and demand papers from them, well, you have to wonder why even bother having a country anymore.

I would rather have Hispanic family values around me than the ones found in many parts of white Alabama, where alcoholism, divorce, violence, and infidelity seems to have a free rein (I use that rather than "free reign" because it's the correct form) in those communities. We're all just people. Everyone is basically just trying to live their lives and not get hassled. African-Americans have been trying to find a hassle-free way to live with the establishment in Alabama since before anyone knew there was an Alabama.

And yet, the powers that be in that state cannot lead, cannot do the decent thing, and cannot make a law that doesn't stick a fist in the eye of liberty and grind a boot heel into the throat of decency. As God is my witness, I'll never live in Alabama, ever.

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