Friday, July 15, 2011

This is a Serious Case of Distress

Charlie Gilmour, via NME

I'm shocked.

David Gilmour's money couldn't keep his son out of jail:

Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, has been jailed for 16 months after pleading guilty to violent disorder. 
According to BBC News, Gilmour, who is 21 years old and was studying atCambridge University, was jailed over charges of violent disorder after he was filmed defacing the Cenotaph, throwing a bin at a car carrying Prince Charles and smashing a window. He has since apologized for his behaviour. 
Appearing at Kingston Crown Court earlier today, Gilmour admitted that he had taken both LSD and valium before the incident and did not remember throwing the bin. He also claimed that he did not know what the Cenotaph was before he defaced it. 

This is a great leap forward for the English criminal justice system. Anyone who believes that money can buy freedom from accountability in England need only look at this case. Addled out of his brain and running around like a maniac, Charlie Gilmour acted like an ass in public. In centuries past, a wealthy young man such as this would never see this kind of accountability. I have no doubt he'll appeal. And I think he can say goodbye to his Cambridge education. 

Kudos to the judge.

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