Friday, April 2, 2021

The GOP Will Never Win People Over With Their Ideas


The only thing the GOP has going for it is the ability to suppress the vote.

Ground zero in the fight to suppress the vote is the state of Georgia. Citing concerns about election integrity, Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill into law last week that makes early voting and absentee voting more difficult. The measure even makes it a crime to offer water or food to people waiting in voting lines.

This is the same governor, by the way, who rejected pleas from Trump to overturn the results of the presidential election because of voter fraud.

The same people who couldn't govern their states or lift a finger to protect their citizens from COVID-19 are doubling down on the idea that the central organizing principle of the Republican Party is to deny minorities the right to vote.

It's rooted in white supremacy, ignorance, bigotry, and incompetence. There is no possibility that the "ideas" of Republican ideology are going to win people over because they are out of ideas. All they have left is spewing hate and owning the libs.

Republicans are trying to turn back the clock instead of adjusting to the tide of history. The GOP would be better served by reaching out to win the hearts and minds of the growing numbers of minority voters instead of excluding them from the body politic. A party without a vision for expansion is a party without a healthy future.

Attempts to limit voting are a sure sign of democracy in deep decline. Big voter turnout is an indication of a political system in the full bloom of spring. 

As long as people vote, we have a chance. If people don't vote, we're done for.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Katie Porter is Not Here to Suffer Any Fools


If Representative Katie Porter unearths some incompetence, malfeasance, or debauchery as a result of performing oversight on the Biden Administration, too damned bad:

Democrats loved watching Orange County Rep. Katie Porter skewer Trump administration appointees and corporate executives in congressional hearings.

But it felt different when Porter’s progressive passion and impatience for convention turned to them.

Just as she wielded a whiteboard and sharp questioning to expose the flaws and outdated thinking she saw in Postal Service management or the nation’s COVID-19 testing system, Porter recently took aim at House Democrats’ rules and traditions for what is usually a behind-the-scenes competition to determine which lawmakers sit on which coveted committees.

It was a calculated high-stakes gamble that resulted in Porter not returning this year to sit on the Financial Services Committee, one of the House’s most sought-after panels and one for which the former bankruptcy and consumer law professor was highly suited.

Porter has very little seniority but she more than makes up for it in personal achievements and outright expertise. I think it is a mistake to sideline her when she should be an incredibly valuable ally for anyone who believes in competent governance.

President Joe Biden is not going to bat .1000 every single day. He's trusting a lot of people to do the right thing and do their jobs. If they don't do what they're supposed to do, then the normal course of events is to get rid of them. That's how you lead, that's how you run things, and that's how good governance happens. You have to be tough and you have to give a shit.

Miss Katie Porter gives a shit.

Here's the thing that separates us from the wolves, or Republicans: if Porter does her job and if it exposes someone's inability to do their job, I am all for that person being fired or removed. I want the government to work and so does Porter. We just lived through four years of unhinged disregard for doing the right thing. When a Democrat acts like a jackass, get rid of them and get someone in there who can do the job.

What we don't need is blind partisan support for croneyism and graft. Porter is the cure for all that.